Ozg™ is a premier business advancement org. Ozg offers tech-enabled legal solutions in association with large no. of practitioners at all the major cities. Ozg was founded at London by SUDESH KUMAR in 2006 with a small group of senior corporate-legal experts and practitioners.
Ozg offers legal advisory & solutions to the medium and large size businesses, Nonprofits and institutions by arranging interactions with Ozgian (members of Ozg, those are either industry practitioners or experienced professionals). Ozgian comes from different areas of specialization and are well known for their work locally. Find more about them at ozgian.com
Client interactions with Ozgian include online consultations, virtual meetings, reports and presentations.
Ozg works by the principle of Project Management and for each project it gathers a highly qualified team of experts.
Note: Ozg is not a law firm in any country and Ozg Services are limited to B2B model only, we do not serve to individual clients. Please, go through terms & conditions mentioned in our website before placing an order.


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