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Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) has been introduced by United Nations (UN) General Assembly Resolution to certify that the shipments of rough diamonds are free from conflict diamonds. The KPC Scheme requires that each shipment of rough diamonds being exported and imported should accompany a validated Kimberley Process certificate by the Government of the respective countries.

Under the #Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), the Government implements safeguards on shipments of #roughdiamonds and certifies the #diamond as conflict-free. According to this Scheme, each shipment of rough diamonds has to be accompanied by the Kimberley Process certificate and to be transported in a tamper-resistant container. The KP certificate states the authenticity of the rough diamond. To discuss your case with #OzgLawyers, please schedule your tele-appointment at the link below.

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⛔ Authority for Kimberley Process:

In India, Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council issues Kimberley Process Certificate and certifies the diamond as conflict-free.

The #KimberleyProcessCertificate will be verified and validated by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), which has been designated, under the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, as Importing-Exporting Authority by the Government of India.

⛔ Kimberly Process Certificate:

The KPC identifies the shipment of rough diamonds as complying with the requirements of the certification scheme. The Kimberly Process Certificate will contain the following details of rough diamonds:

📌 Country of Origin
📌 The KP certificate number
📌 Date of issue of KP certificate
📌 Date of expiry of the certificate
📌 Details of the certificate-issuing authority
📌 Details of importer and exporter
📌 Diamond Carat Weight
📌 Value of Diamond
📌 Number of the parcel in shipment
📌 Relevant HS code
📌 Validation of certificate by the exporting authority.

⛔ Eligibility Criteria:

The applicant of the Kimberly Process Certificate (KPC) may be a member of the Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion council or a non-member of the council. Agents can also apply on behalf of the members and non-members.

⛔ Checklist:

The following documents are required for obtaining the KP Certificate from GJPEC.

👾 Documents for Import –

📌 The application for import of conflict diamonds

📌 Copy of KP certificate for endorsement

📌 Import Invoice with the declaration

📌 Airway Bill

📌 Cheque or DD for KP Processing Charges

📌 Copy of Import Export Code

📌 Stock declaration for the financial year on an annual basis

👾 Documents for Export –

📌 The application for the export of conflict diamonds.

📌 Export Invoice duly signed by the proprietor, partner, or director.

📌 Proof of source of Diamond being exported – Import invoice, KP Certificate copy, or Purchase invoice containing the statutory declaration.

📌 Reason letter for export of rough diamonds.

📌 Copy of Import Export Code.

📌 Stock declaration for the financial year on an annual basis.

📌 Application & Processing Fee.

⛔ The validity of the KP certificate –

The Kimberly process certificate is valid for one year. After the expiry of the certificate, the applicant needs to access the #GJEPC for renewal. The applicant needs to pay the fee again.

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