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 How to file Form –  FLA?

RBI has provided a web-based interface https://flair.rbi.org.in for filling FLA form. Learn more about this by going through FAQ at RBI portal and also visit to http://flair.rbi.ozg.in for filing support, which is maintained by Ozg Documentation Centre.

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 Following companies are not required to file FLA return-

a) Where the Indian company does not have any outstanding investment in respect of inward and outward FDI as on end-March of reporting year.

b) If a company has received only share application money and does not have any foreign direct investment or overseas direct investment outstanding as on end-March of the reporting year.

c) Companies which have issued the shares to non-resident only on Non-repatriable basis (i.e investment net of taxes not to be taken outside India)

Contact to #OzgSupport Team for  return filing issues at RBI-FLAIR portal and also visit to https://flair.rbi.ozg.in

 Note:

1. If the accounts of the Company/LLP are not Audited before the due date of submission, then the FLA Return can be submitted based on unaudited balance sheet.

2. However, once the accounts are Audited and if there are significant revisions from the provisional information submitted by the Company/LLP, then a revised FLA return should be submitted by September 30th.

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 FLA filing portal by RBI

 https:// flair.rbi.org.in

 FLA filing support by OZG

 https://flair.rbi.ozg.in


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